Oferta de viaje a Marrakech
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Marrakech, Morocco

Oferta de viaje a Marrakech

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Descubra con Central de Vacaciones la ciudad de Marrakech y disfrute de su Zoco y todo el encanto de Marruecos en la ciudad con más vida del país. Nuestra oferta pone a su alcance una escapada única que incluye vuelos, hotel 4* y traslados a un precio que no se puede perder.

Sobre la ciutat
Gateway to the desert and the south, Marrakech is overwhelming like no other imperial city of Morocco. Its reddish-pink streets and alleys are full of sounds, sights, smells and life. The mid-summer heat is enough to prostrate most tourists. The best times to explore Marrakech are early morning, early evening, and winter, during winter temperatures are mild, but fall significantly at night, due to the cold air from the High Atlas. The Djemaa El-Fna, Assembly of the Dead, is anything but what its name suggests. A hot and crowded market by day, the Djemaa really gets rolling at sunset when the entertainers invade. This chaotic outdoor circus offers a microcosms of Morocco at its most exotic. The huge audience clusters in tight circles around the diverse cast of performers. Almost every tour of Marrakech begins at the 12th century Koutoubia Mosque, with its magnificent minaret presiding over the Djemaa. The minaret, crowned by a lantern of three golden spheres, is the oldest and purest surviving example of the architecture of the Almohads. The city’s two most breathtaking monuments date from the 16th century. Feast your eyes and cool off at the ornate Ben Youssef Madrassa, the largest Qur’anic school in North Africa. Even more lavish are the dazzling Saadian Tombs, modelled upon the interior of the Alhambra in Granada. The view from the terrace at the Badi Palace, now in ruins, is majestic. Close by we find the 19th century Bahia Palace. It is an ornate and beautiful palace with restful fountained gardens. To escape from the relentless midday sun, wander in the lush Menara Gardens and lounge in the charming lakeside pavilion. Marrakech is noisy, busy, dusty and chaotic. It is a visual and sensory banquet of colour, diverse cultures, architecture and design. Marrakech delivers an exotic and exciting taste of Africa and the best part is that it is only a few hours away from Europe by plane.
Creat: divendres, 8 de gener de 2021 - Sortida: dijous, 6 de maig de 2021
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Transport de Madrid a Marrakech
Ryanair Ryanair - FR7752
21:30 - Madrid, Madrid Barajas (MAD)
22:35 - Marrakech, Menara (RAK)
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A 2,9 km del centre Solament habitació 152 Derb Caid Rassou Bab Aylane, MARRAKECH 40000 DOBLE STANDARD
Located 20 minutes from the Menara - Marrakech Airport, hotel complex is very easy to reach in the medina of Marrakech, nearby Bab Aouda Saidia, just 30 metres parking. Recently restored according to Moroccan art, the hotel has been carefully decorated with magnificent furniture and handcrafted luxury carpets and colorful fabrics. The large terrace with a solarium and a relaxing area where you can relax and enjoy the sun of Marrakech. Staff, discreet and careful, will ensure guests' well-being during their stay warm and meet them every need. This complex has rooms and suites, all air conditioned, with bathrooms in Tadelakt and Zelliges Fez.
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Transport de Marrakech a Madrid
Ryanair Ryanair - FR7753
14:25 - Marrakech, Menara (RAK)
17:25 - Madrid, Madrid Barajas (MAD)
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Vol: FR7753
Classe: Economy
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