Rias Baixas, Espanha

Rias Baixas, Espanha

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Rias Baixas Espanha

The Galician Rías Baixas are one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Spain. Located on the west coast of Galicia, they extend from Cape Finisterre to the border with Portugal at the mouth of the Miño river, occupying the entire coast of Pontevedra and part of A Coruña. They are characterized by being large estuaries, larger than those that occupy the peninsular north coast. The possibilities they offer are varied and very numerous. Diversity is key due to the great extension of the region and its enormous natural value is manifested in land and sea, with spectacular protected areas like the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, the Corrubedo Dunar Complex or the Costa da Vela. The beaches, protected by the geographic features, are one of the strong points of the Rías Baixas with examples as interesting as the arenal of Rhodes, in the Cíes Islands, considered by The Guardian as the best beach in the world. The Camino de Santiago has several routes that cross a region where you can practice countless adventure and aquatic sports. The gastronomy of the Rías is unique in Spain, since it has products that are among the best in Europe in its area. This is what happens with seafood such as seafood and Albariño wines, which have the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin. If you like the wines you have the Wine Route Rías Baixas, you can create your own itinerary through the five subzones that form it and enjoy the landscape of the extensive vineyards while visiting some winery.
Aeroporto recomendado
Vigo (VGO)
Points of interest
  • Beach of the Lanzada
  • Castro de Baroña
  • Salvora Island
Nearby destinations
  • Pontevedra a 19,09 km
  • Baiona a 35,10 km
  • Cambados a 9,66 km