El Norte, 7 días de Ensueño (Bilbao, Cantabria y Oviedo)
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El Norte, 7 días de Ensueño (Bilbao, Cantabria y Oviedo)

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Oferta encontrada na data:: segunda-feira, 27 de abril de 2020 - Partida: segunda-feira, 17 de agosto de 2020
destinos: Vizcaya (Province), Cantabria, Asturias

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1. Vizcaya (Province)
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Sobre o destino: Vizcaya is one of the three Spanish provinces that make up the autonomous community of the Basque Country. Its capital and most populous city is Bilbao. It is located in the north of the Iberian peninsula and borders to the north with the Cantabrian Sea, to the east with Guipúzcoa, to the south with Alava and Burgos and to the west by Cantabria.
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Transporte de Vizcaya (Province) para Cantabria
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19 ago.
2. Cantabria
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Sobre o destino: Cantabria is a mountainous and coastal region of character and an important natural heritage . Its strong relief makes 40% of its surface is above 700 m above sea level and a third of the region has slopes greater than 30% incline. Cantabria is also notable for the important artistic and architectural examples belonging to different historical periods. On the one hand emphasize the megalithic remains like those of Pico Las Nieves ; the Roman settlements in the county of Reinosa , with the ruins of Julióbriga , Camesa-Rebolledo and Romanesque art temple Santa Maria de Lebeña as well as valuable examples of cave churches in Campóo and Valderredible . Many are also preserved Romanesque churches , such as the Collegiate of Santillana del Mar , the Collegiate Church of Santa Cruz de Castañeda , the Collegiate Church of San Pedro de Cervatos and the Collegiate Church of San Martin de Elines , along with a significant concentration of this style in Valderredible and to a lesser extent, in the basin of Besaya and Liébana . The Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Castro Urdiales is the most prominent Gothic work of Cantabria .Numerosos Palaces and mansions belonging to the period between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, ranging from the Renaissance to the Baroque. Some outstanding historical sites are those of Liérganes , Alceda , Cartes , Potes and especially Santillana del Mar , as well as isolated palacios like Los Acebedo in Hoznayo , that of Elsedo in Pámanes and the Soñanesin Villacarriedo . As for the architecture of the nineteenth century the Palace of Sobrellano , the Pontifical University , the Capricho de Gaudí and the Cemetery and Angel of Llimona , in Comillas , as a sign of neo - Gothic and Catalan modernism. Reflection Art twentieth century , highlights the Royal Palace of La Magdalena in Santander , the Casino de El Sardinero and other works related to the summer resort of Santander . The contemporary architecture is the greatest exponent the Palais des Festivals of Cantabria and the Palacio de Deportes , both in the city of Santander . The Cantabrian Sea with its fine fish and delicate seafood . Rapids and rivers in their upper and middle reaches shelter the king of river fishing, salmon , and delicate plywood trout . Cntabros grasses, evergreen, fed to cattle exquisite taste and small sheep and goat herds . Small family orchards and plantations of fruit offer a wide range of products, cooked the traditional way of Cantabria, obtained as a result one of the richest cuisines and more personality in the country .
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Transporte de Cantabria para Asturias
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3. Asturias
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Sobre o destino: Comfortable clothes and shoes. These are two essential items for the suitcase of the traveller who intends to explore the Natural Paradise. Asturias is primarily nature: woods, beaches, summits, cliffs, lakes, rivers, caves... Choose routes that suit you, a destination that matches your tastes. It isn't going to be difficult in a region in which more than a third is protected. The most well-conserved coastline in Spain. This is how Asturias presents its coastline, made up of fishing villages with rugged outlines, lighthouses perched on wild cliffs, beaches with golden sand and white dunes, traditional arts ports and a winding path that connects over 400km of surprising terrain. Let yourself be rocked by the Cantabrian Sea, from the serenity of solid ground or whilst riding its waves. Its fish and seafood are a delicacy that tastes different when savoured whilst looking at the waters that produce it. Do you want to travel in time? Touch down in Asturian culture. Trace the strokes of the age-old cave paintings, experience how the ancestors lived in their castros, enjoy unique Pre-Romanesque architecture; investigate the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Museum (MUJA) and start following their footprints; admire the Museum of Fine Arts, tread the Way of St. James, let yourself be bewitched by the sound of Asturian bagpipes or the Opera season at the Campoamor theatre. Each season opens with a hearty embrace. Keep all five senses alert. A pantry that lives up to insatiable gastronomic gourmets is cultivated in Asturias. It is a product-based cuisine, with ingredients collected nearby from its vegetable gardens and fish in its seas, with meat from indigenous breeds and traditional recipes which can be presented in their original or revised version in line with new trends. One of the varieties of cheese or cider, a drink that is part of the local style, cannot be missing from the table. Start tasting them
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