Varsóvia, Cracóvia e Auschwitz
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Varsóvia, Cracóvia e Auschwitz

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destinos: Warsaw, Krakow
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Transporte de Madrid para Warsaw
Ryanair Ryanair - FR1062
10:35 - Madrid, Madrid Barajas (MAD)
14:05 - Warsaw, Warsaw Modlin (WMI) Aeroporto alternativo
3h 30m 0 PC Direto
Voo: FR1062
Tipo de transporte: FR1062
Cabin Class: Economy
Tarifa: Value
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1. Warsaw
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Acerca da cidade: The image of Warsaw as a grey concrete jungle, a wasteland of homes in the Soviet era, does not correspond with the reality of the last 15 years of this vibrant city. This metropolis has much more to offer, many things to visit, an impressive cultural scene and a lively nightlife. Warsaw is looking ahead leaving its Soviet past in the past where it belongs. At the end of World War II, 85% of the city was in ruins and the city had to undergo a major reconstruction. The successful reconstruction received recognition in 1980 when UNESCO declared the Old Town of Warsaw World Heritage Site. Located in the Mazowieckie province, in central-eastern Poland, the city is unevenly divided by the Vistula River. Most tourist attractions are on the left bank of the river, while on the right bank we have the up and coming elegant district of Prague. The epicentre of Warsaw for visitors is the so-called Royal Route (Trakt Królewski), which runs north-south from the New and Old Towns, past the elegant Nowy Swiat shops, palaces that survived the war and the royal gardens Lazienki Park, before arriving at the Wilanów Palace, to the south of the city centre. The city also has many green spaces with lush lakeside parks where rowing boats sail during the sunny summer days and where visitors can find plenty of al-fresco cafes. In the parks, free classical music concerts are also held, with big audiences, a scene that is far from the somber images of communist-era Warsaw. Today the city offers an amazing nightlife, young locals dress elegantly to head to the cool bars and groovy clubs in the city. It is definitely a city that vibrates as soon as the sun goes down. Although some people claim that Krakow has the beauty, Warsaw has the culture, the energy and the action.
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Transporte de Warsaw para Krakow
LOT Polish Airlines LOT Polish Airlines - LO3881
10:45 - Warsaw, Warsaw Okecie (WAW)
11:40 - Katowice, Pyrzowice (KTW) Aeroporto alternativo
55m 0 PC Direto
Voo: LO3881
Tipo de transporte: E70
Cabin Class: Economy
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2. Krakow
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Acerca da cidade: Krakow is beautiful, a jewel among European cities. People have been living and building here since the 9th century. The Old Town historical district in Krakow’s heart is actually the medieval city established in 1257. Krakow remains the undisputed architectural capital of Poland and home to one of Europe’s oldest universities. The many parks and the Planty, the green city belt surrounding the city centre, make Krakow, a wonderful city to visit. Krakow’s entire stare miasto, old town, is lovely, every street worth a slow stroll. At its centre is the Rynek Glowny, one of the most beautiful market squares in Europe. The Kosciol Mariacki in its northeast corner, is a richly decorated cathedral, with a 500-year-old carved altarpiece. Diagonally across the square stands the lonely town hall tower spared when the rest of the building was demolished in 1820. Sitting on the Wista River, is the Wawel Castle, the finest surviving piece of Renaissance architecture in Poland. The castle was the royal seat of Poland, and is the city's main tourist attraction. The grounds consist of the palace, a huge Cathedral and a large garden. The Royal Cathedral dominates the complex of Wawel. It was the coronation site and burial place of almost all of monarchs of Poland. Built in the early 11th century in Romanesque style its tower offers a splendid view of Krakow. The beauty of its old architecture, the ambience of great culture, art and literature, the charm of its numerous cafes, bars and pubs, always full of locals and tourists, makes this city one of world's best tourist destinations.
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Transporte de Krakow para Madrid
Multiple airlines Multiple airlines
5:40 - Krakow, Balice (KRK)
12:00 - Madrid, Madrid Barajas (MAD)
6h 20m 0 PC 1 escala
W6 Wizz Air - W6 5067
5:40 - Krakow, Balice (KRK)
7:30 - Milano, Malpensa (MXP)
Voo: W65067
Cabin Class: Economy
Conexão no aeroporto de Milano, Malpensa (MXP)
2h 5m
U2 easyJet - U2 2703
9:35 - Milano, Malpensa (MXP)
12:00 - Madrid, Madrid Barajas (MAD)
Voo: U22703
Cabin Class: Economy
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