Route 66 USA (Fly & Drive)
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Route 66 USA (Fly & Drive)

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Oferta encontrada na data:: quarta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2017 - Partida: segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2018
destinos: Chicago IL, East St. Louis IL, Springfield MO, Oklahoma City OK, Amarillo TX, Tucumcari NM, Santa Fe NM, Petrified Forest National Park AZ, Grand Canyon AZ, Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA

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16 abr.

Transporte de Madrid para Chicago IL

American Airlines American Airlines - AA8654
11:55 - Madrid, Madrid Barajas (MAD)
14:15 - Chicago, Chicago Ohare Intl (ORD)
9h 20m 1 PC Direto
Voo: AA8654 Operado por: IB
Cabin Class: Economy
16 abr.

Chicago IL

Fique de
Acerca da cidade:Chicago, once a small trading post on Lake Michigan, has grown into one of the country’s most famous cities. Visit “The Windy City” and chow down on deep dish pizza for a truly unique vacation experience. Follow “The Loop,” the city’s primary business district, and marvel at its array of high-rise buildings, consulates, and universities. Shopping and fine dining abound in this area. If you’ve worn yourself out in the city proper, set a more sedate pace at the Riverwalk, a pedestrian path along the Chicago River, or visit the many museums and parks the city has to offer. You’ll never believe you’re actually downtown when you walk through the Garfield Park Conservatory, and the Art Institute of Chicago will allow you to appreciate creative works from around the world. The most important places to visit in Chicago are: the Willis Tower, an iconic symbol of the city, the Millennium Park, a great urban park, among the most famous landmarks of Chicago and a site for many major city events, the Shedd Aquarium, one of the world's largest aquariums. Called the front lawn of Chicago, the Grant Park is a wonderfully landscaped park and offers many sites for an urban escape, the Navy Pier, situated right on Lake Michigan, has a festive atmosphere with entertainment, shops and restaurants. No Chicago tour is complete without a mention of the nightlife, so close out your day at a jazz lounge and let the sweet sound of music carry you away.
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16 abr.

Aluguel de carros

Chicago Ohare Intl
15:15 - 16 abr. 2018
Los Angeles Intl
8:00 - 27 abr. 2018
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Mínimo 18, Máximo 80

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Prepago. En el momento de recoger su vehiculo es necesario presentar como garantía una tarjeta de crédito válida, cuyo titular debe corresponder al conductor que figura en la reserva. Las tarjetas de prepago o de débito, como Maestro, Visa Electron o Visa Premier, no son aceptadas a la recogida del vehículo.
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Collision damage waiver (CDW)
No se cargarán costes en concepto de franquicia en caso de daño al vehículo, pero podrán producirse cargos en concepto de administración.El seguro de colisión no cubre los daños a ruedas, llantas, espejos y bajos.

CHICAGO OHARE AIRPORT - Telefone: 8888266893


Opening hours:00:00 - 23:59


LOS ANGELES INTL ARPT - Telefone 8888266893


Opening hours:00:00 - 23:59

Transporte de Chicago IL para East St. Louis IL

Sem o transporte selecionado
18 abr.

East St. Louis IL

Fique de
Acerca da cidade:East St. Louis is a city in St. Clair County, Illinois, United States. At the 2010 Census it had a population of 27,006 and a population density of 725.51 persons per km².
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Transporte de East St. Louis IL para Springfield MO

Sem o transporte selecionado
19 abr.

Springfield MO

Fique de
Acerca da cidade:Springfield is the third largest city in the State of Missouri and the County of Greene County seat. It is one of two major cities in the metropolitan area of Springfield-Branson, Dallas, Greene, Polk, Webster, stone and Taney. Springfields nickname is the Queen City of the Ozarks and is known as the birthplace of route 66. It is also home to several universities including University of Evangel, Missouri State University and Drury University.
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Transporte de Springfield MO para Oklahoma City OK

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20 abr.

Oklahoma City OK

Fique de
Acerca da cidade:Oklahoma City is the capital of the state of Oklahoma. It is a cool city filled with warm hospitality. It's why they call Oklahoma City "Cool & Warm." Oklahoma City's hip, spirited environment blends with its deep western heritage, creating an exciting destination steeped in culture and adventure. Discover all of the things to do in Oklahoma City, including renowned festivals, national sporting events, and treasure-filled museums. Explore the variety that OKC's districts offer, including arts and entertainment, shopping, history and heritage and more. The possibilities for fun in Oklahoma City are endless. Don’t miss Crystal Bridge and Myriad Botanical Gardens.
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Transporte de Oklahoma City OK para Amarillo TX

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21 abr.

Amarillo TX

Fique de
Acerca da cidade:Amarillo, which means "yellow" in Spanish, is the center of the Texas Panhandle, located at the edge of the Great Plains. Amarillo offers a true Western heritage, a unique geographical area with wide open spaces and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. With its relatively mild climate, the city is rated as having some of the cleanest air in the country. Indians, conquistadors, buffalo hunters, settlers, cowboys, adventurers, lawmen, gunfighters, and the railroad all contributed in many ways to the development and growth of the area. That heritage is still felt here, where "cowboy" is still an honorable profession. Here you can enjoy the very best of the Old and New West! Today Amarillo is one of the dominant cities in the Panhandle Plains and is home to a variety of industries along with a number of places to interest tourists, especially those on the Route 66. Amarillo is also gateway to Palo Duro Canyon, America's second largest canyon. Palo Duro Canyon is unique with rock formations and a valley with wonderful views and pictures.
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Transporte de Amarillo TX para Tucumcari NM

Sem o transporte selecionado

Transporte de Tucumcari NM para Santa Fe NM

Sem o transporte selecionado
23 abr.

Santa Fe NM

Fique de
Acerca da cidade:Santa Fe, New Mexico is a magical, exuberant, colorful journey at any time of year. Its legendary history and culture will fascinate and inspire you. Its art galleries and diverse visual arts span ancient traditional techniques to the most contemporary and edgy. Santa Fe is home to more than a dozen fascinating museums that document the region's history, art and cultures. Here you'll find the country's sole museum devoted to a woman artist, Georgia O'Keeffe. Many visitors travel here to experience fascinating historic sites, including stunning remnants of ancient Native American communities near Santa Fe and pueblo communities still vibrant today.
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Transporte de Santa Fe NM para Petrified Forest National Park AZ

Sem o transporte selecionado
25 abr.

Petrified Forest National Park AZ

Fique de
Acerca da cidade:Petrified Forest National Park is in eastern Arizona. Over 200-million-year-old fossils tell the tale of the earth – and its prehistoric inhabitants – amongst the picturesque wonders of Arizona’s Painted Desert. Petrified Forest is a surprising realm of fascinating landscape and science. Experience one of the world’s largest and most vibrantly colored assemblies of petrified wood, historic structures and archeological sites at Petrified Forest National Park.
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Transporte de Petrified Forest National Park AZ para Grand Canyon AZ

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26 abr.

Grand Canyon AZ

Fique de
Acerca da cidade:Formed at the point where the Colorado River breaks through the mountains of the American West, The Grand Canyon National Park is the most beautiful and well-known nature reserve in the USA, its 5000 square kilometres covering more than four different climatic zones and rising to 2200 metres above sea level creates an unforgettable setting. The Grand Canyon is also Indian Territory, the Navajo, Hopi and Havasuapi Indians still inhabit this region. There are Indian Reservation offering several activities and a collection of viewpoints overlooking the Grand Canyon and the stagnant waters of the Colorado River. The Colorado River created this natural masterpiece in less than ten million years with severe heat and extreme cold eroding the rock, followed by rainfall that drove it down into a mighty river. Up to 1600 metres deep and averaging 16 kilometres wide, the incredible dimensions of this huge abyss are difficult to comprehend, the descent into the canyon being like a journey into the Earth’s distant past. Described as one of the great natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is truly awe-inspiring, and should be on everyone's travel list.
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Transporte de Grand Canyon AZ para Las Vegas NV

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27 abr.

Las Vegas NV

Fique de
Acerca da cidade:Las Vegas is the largest city in the U.S. state of Nevada. Nicknamed the Entertainment Capital of the World or Sin City, it is situated in the Mojave Desert and is surrounded by dry mountains. Las Vegas is famous worldwide for its consolidated casino–hotels and associated entertainment. The city houses many mega-hotel complexes decorated with lavish care and attention to detail creating a fantasy-like environment. All hotels have a unique style, there are special sights everywhere, and every hotel has its own casino. Most of the hotel casinos are in the city's downtown area, along The Las Vegas Strip. The Strip is a world of its own. Where else can you go to visit Egypt, New York, Venice, Disneyland, Hollywood, and much more all on one street? The fact is that all the action that Las Vegas is famous for is happening on this one and only street. Bellagio could be considered unofficial centre of the Strip, one of the reasons being the free displays of musical fountains which go off at every half an hour with different choreography accompanied by different music. Bellagio is one of the more stylish venues with a superb flower garden and for those with gourmet inclinations, it offers arguably one of the best buffets in town. The Venetian is another point where one might linger longer due to its fabulous attempt of recreating Venice in the desert. The main square of Venice is filled with gondolas ply the waters channels and opera singers entertain their captive audience on board. The opposite end of the Strip is closest to the airport starting with the funny rendition of Egypt with its Luxor casino despite the fact that there are no pyramids in Luxor, but everything is possible in Las Vegas.
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Transporte de Las Vegas NV para Los Angeles CA

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28 abr.

Los Angeles CA

Fique de
Acerca da cidade:Nicknamed the City of Angels, Los Angeles is a leading world centre of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology, and education. Los Angeles is architecturally diverse and its attractions are spread over a large area. Downtown is a thriving urban centre, a business district and home to the Grand Avenue cultural corridor. Everyone knows about Hollywood and you have got to visit the Hollywood sign, when in Los Angeles, as well as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where Hollywood celebrates its contribution to entertainment through these celebrity stars. Experience the colourful lifestyle of the West Coast on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Here, you will find a festive atmosphere, eclectic entertainers and funky shops. By the scene at Santa Monica Beach, is the famous Pier with a perennial carnival like setting. Draws locals, as well as visitors from around the world. Located in Griffith Park on Mt. Hollywood is the Griffith Observatory. This great public observatory has state of the art facilities and excellent views of Los Angeles. If you are a shopping buff, you will love Rodeo Drive. A glamorous shopping District, Rodeo Drive is full of upscale and fashionable shops. Take a walk around Beverly Hills, you might even spot a celebrity in this neighbourhood. This city offers great weather, good shopping, lots of diversity, great cultural events, excellent dining, and friendly people. Los Angeles is cool, fake, stylized, vast and never boring.
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30 abr.

Transporte de Los Angeles CA para Madrid

American Airlines American Airlines - AA8649
18:00 - Los Angeles, Los Angeles Intl (LAX)
14:20 - Madrid, Madrid Barajas (MAD)
+1 dia 11h 20m Direto
Voo: AA8649 Operado por: IB
Cabin Class: Economy
1 Seguros
Seguro (Seguro Inclusión CDV) - Región (mundial) - Días (16)
preço por pessoa desde
1.356 €
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